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As an actress I travel a lot, I mean a lot…and 2017 has started off with a BANG.POW.POP! As I was packing to head out of town for a series of meetings, events, and auditions I decided that I would piece together a post about how I approach traveling as an artist. Auditioning is a mainstay, and when you travel for auditions, it means that you have to pack with multiple things in mind. I always think about the multiplication of outfits. Tops, skirts, and accessories are designed to be mixed and matched in a way that doesn’t require too much finagling and thought. Outfits are designed to transition from management meetings to auditions to dinners. I LOVE black, really love black, and so when I travel, I tend to think about textures. Leather, lace, cashmere, and knit are all lovingly rolled and tossed into my bag, ready to be pulled out and intermixed at will.  This season there are a few pieces that I’m obsessing over, and I’m pleased to tell you that they are super affordable.

This lace dress from H&M is everything. The texture is a beautiful mix of lace and sheer overlay. Whether over tights or denim it always works. I wear my favorite scuffed boots all day long when I’m running between appointments, and they work just perfectly.

This sheer turtleneck is an oldie but goodie from SAKS and never lets me down. I literally ALWAYS have this in my carry on. Whether over this Old Navy jersey pencil skirt or distressed denim it is the perfect transition piece for day to night. The belt is another H&M find.

This Target backpack is my best friend when traveling. Although compact, it holds a lot (and I mean a whole lot). I carry my backup charger, headphones, makeup and more slung over one shoulder ala’ the 90’s or strapped over both shoulders for maximum freedom while racing to the connecting flight.

Here are my three favorite tips for traveling:

  1. Pack as light as possible. When you travel alot you tend to expect the unexpected. I rarely check bags and make sure that my carryon bags are able to carry everything I need.
  2. Pack easy breezy. Most pieces I travel with can be rolled up, tossed in and scrunched up so that I can pack quickly and with as little headache as possible.
  3. Mix and Match: Pack items that can be worn different ways so that you can stretch your wardrobe without packing your entire closet.

Happy traveling my fellow artists!!!

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