About Bryetta

One of the benefits of being a military brat, is the gift of travel!  By the time she reached 13, Bryetta had been to Arizona, Nebraska, Japan, Italy, and Germany with many stops along the way.  It’s no wonder that when the time came for a college experience she chose, New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.  Bursting up right in the middle of the cultural epicenter of New York City it was kismet.  Bryetta began singing as a young child and began performing shortly thereafter.  While theatre would come later (middle school and high school) the joy of stage, microphone, and voice has always been the heartbeat of her artistic pursuits.

As a new actress in New York she has worked on films and television projects with wonderfully talented actors and actresses but discovered that late nights spent writing, would be the catalyst for new and burgeoning creative excitement.  Wandering the streets of the East Village and Brooklyn let her absorb the sounds that influence her current project, “Fly Away.” Bryetta Calloway penned Fly With Me as an invitation to venture into the timeless questions of love, life, and the time in between. This collection, much like her life, is influenced by Soul, Stage, Jazz, and more. She effortlessly combines her powerfully expressive voice with jazzy vocal posturing to offer lyrical snapshots.

It is the smearing together of musical genres with vintage vocal leanings, standard arrangements, and modern quirk that adds an authentic and unique perspective to her latest project. There is no single style but instead a commitment to music, soul, and song.

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